Dienstag, 23. September 2008

"liter of cola"

my first real rain-day
it's been raining all morning and it feels like fall. it's beautiful gray and everybody had this lovely grumpy expression.
it made me happy in a sarcastic kind of way. i realized that being tall sucks in the rain, because everyone's umbrella is exactly at about face height, you're forced to learn to dodge pretty fast.
i tried to get a phone today, turns out i need my passport. so again tomorrow. but it seems that phones are ridiculously cheap, the one i picked costs 4.95 and already comes with a 5 euro prepaid card. sounds like a deal to me. that's about the only thing that is cheaper here though. for example i want to go see calexico in a few weeks, and tickets are 30 euros. crazy.
other than that not much news.
i'm happy here, but i miss going out in tucson. i think "SPRINGBREAK!" would only attract negative attention here. does somebody know when jenny h. comes to europe?


George Peck hat gesagt…

Hi Larissa. That rainy fall weather sounds awesome. Perfect for a good cup of hot coffee. Wait, what am I saying? Isn't it against the law to drink anything but beer in Germany? Take care!

Hellen Harty hat gesagt…

I'm so glad you like the grumpy people in the rain. Oh man please don't get cut in the face by a rainbrella. You'll be like, "Ach, mein eyes." Till's drawing. I know it's augen. Liter of cola. Also: "That's a nicht-nicht." I think Jenny H goes in January right? I don't know the exact date, I could find it for you... Ok I texted her. I have a cool life. I will write again.

leafless hat gesagt…

kitten litter larsipan... helly love just called to tell me that i was on your blog, and even though i was enjoying myself at the biosphere, there was nothing more that i wanted to do than to be with marge (my computer), staring at your blog... which i often do, so often. i will be in europe, starting in early january. can you please tell me that you will be there then? i miss you so and think of you often. please can we send love letters over this really neat system called the email soon? yes the email. lets do that. i love you girlfriend...