Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

back in berlin

after a pretty long drive we got back to berlin last night.
we spent a day/night in wuerzburg with robert, and then continued to ramsau (austria), where we stayed in my great aunt & uncle's house (my grandma's brother) and just had a really great time. the weather was sunny and much warmer than expected, we did a little bit of hiking, visited the world's largest ice caves, ate tons of "kaiserscharrn" and "Marillenknoedel" and drank almdudler. we also got caught up on german tv (the family i live with has no tv....). i think jesse was a bit bummed he didn't have a mountainbike with him, but i didn't really mind. hiking was exhausting enough. turns out i'm really not in that good of shape. after about two minutes of walking uphill i was out of breath. i need to work on my fitness.

we stopped at the chiemsee on our way back.

in the background is the "dachstein tauern" with the glaciers.

this was on our way up to the icecave.

one of our hikes, up a canyon. silberkar klamm.

wuerzburg with robert and our mummy friend.

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

jesse and i are leaving for our austria possibly czech republic trip today. we're going to pick up our rental car in a bit (a smart), and then i need to get over my autobahn fear. since jesse lost his wallet he also doesn't have a drivers license, so i will be doing most oder all of the driving, and i think most of you will know how unhappy i am about this.
last night we went to see caspian and this will destroy you, they were both really good.
besides that not much else is new with me. i'm excited for a week off, the last week or two have been really crazy and i'm definitely ready for a break.
i'm not sure when or if we will be able to use the internet on our trip, so this may be that last update for about a week.

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

sorry no pictures, jesse has my camera.
i've heard from him a few times, he's doing well. he is in madrid with sean, apparently skateboarding a lot. i think he gets back to berlin late wednesday, so by thursday you can expect an update.
i've been doing well, not too much exciting things happening. i made a couple of new friends and we went out last night and that was really fun. the morning hangover was less fun, but i'm dealing with it.
the kids are off school the next two days so i need to think of some fun things to do with them. on tuesday it's the 12 year olds birthday and we are going to some climbing park. that should be awesome.
so that's all. more when jesse gets back.

Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

massive picture upload

so the internet is actually working fairly well right now, i had to use the chance to upload as many pictures as possible. hope you are not too bored.

this is jesse with his good commie friends marx and engels.

last night we met up with some friends at this british pub called white trash fast food. a swiss "brit pop/rockn roll" band was playing, it was a pretty good time. they reminded me a lot of till during his neckscarf/neckerchief phase. that was a good phase.

sadly we did not order their fish and chips, but i agree, fish should really learn to breath air, bitch.

and then we almost froze to death walking home. also some drunk guy puked all over the subway and we (along with everyone else on the train) almost died from the stench. so we came close to death twice in one night.

cool post. jesse is making fun of my blog-skills.

we continue (there is a maximum of five pictures per post)

so, we went to the DDR (GDR) museum, the playground, the zoo, then we moved on to dead animals at the natural history museum. the berlin one comes in as a close second after the harvard natural history museum (luisa, if you get a chance, check it out. the animals are all falling apart there, and are stuffed to maximum capacity). that was a little NHM (natural history...) joke on the side. Yesterday we went to the egyptian museum and saw the berlin bust of nofretete/nephertete and other really old things. i liked anything to do with cats.

just a few more pictures now...

the last week

started off on sunday with the berlin marathon, 50.000 runners, even more people watching. it was pretty fun, and the weather was awesome.

after that we had a few lazy really rainy days, not much to tell. towards the end of the week it cleared up but got pretty cold. jesse and i had some playground fun with the kids, and went to the zoo. i finally got to see KNUT (i know at least lauren and my family know who i'm talking about here), dissappointgly he was neither very white or fluffy and was making noises like he would like nothing better than to kill all the kids watching him. don't know if i could blame him. his keeper (mr. doerflein for those who were ever into the knut-mania) had died a week before, so the whole area was covered in candles, letters, photos, and flowers.

pretty terrifying.

also, it definitely is fall.