Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

jesse and i are leaving for our austria possibly czech republic trip today. we're going to pick up our rental car in a bit (a smart), and then i need to get over my autobahn fear. since jesse lost his wallet he also doesn't have a drivers license, so i will be doing most oder all of the driving, and i think most of you will know how unhappy i am about this.
last night we went to see caspian and this will destroy you, they were both really good.
besides that not much else is new with me. i'm excited for a week off, the last week or two have been really crazy and i'm definitely ready for a break.
i'm not sure when or if we will be able to use the internet on our trip, so this may be that last update for about a week.


Jenny Brew hat gesagt…

have fun my beautiful. i love that you write in both german and english. so adorable! xoxoxo

Hellen Harty hat gesagt…

HAVE FUN!!!!!! I fucking love that you write it German and English too! Oder. Love forever. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

Lars hat gesagt…

jesse just pointed the oder out to me... totally nicht on purpose.
it's a nicht nicht