Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

back in berlin

after a pretty long drive we got back to berlin last night.
we spent a day/night in wuerzburg with robert, and then continued to ramsau (austria), where we stayed in my great aunt & uncle's house (my grandma's brother) and just had a really great time. the weather was sunny and much warmer than expected, we did a little bit of hiking, visited the world's largest ice caves, ate tons of "kaiserscharrn" and "Marillenknoedel" and drank almdudler. we also got caught up on german tv (the family i live with has no tv....). i think jesse was a bit bummed he didn't have a mountainbike with him, but i didn't really mind. hiking was exhausting enough. turns out i'm really not in that good of shape. after about two minutes of walking uphill i was out of breath. i need to work on my fitness.

we stopped at the chiemsee on our way back.

in the background is the "dachstein tauern" with the glaciers.

this was on our way up to the icecave.

one of our hikes, up a canyon. silberkar klamm.

wuerzburg with robert and our mummy friend.


Jenny Brew hat gesagt…

hooray! i am so glad jesse came to visit you in germany and that you got to take a fantastic trip! i wish i could come see you so badly. school is really getting in the way of all my good plans. haha. i love you so much! tell jesse i say hi. oh and tell your german family they need to get a tv, haha. xoxoxoxo

leafless hat gesagt…

couldn't get much cuter than the two of you.

love to berlin and back...

Lars hat gesagt…

jenny heinfeld, what's your secret blog about? dark love secrets?