Samstag, 1. November 2008

so jesse is back in arizona and i'm having a fairly hard time adjusting.
it's hard being alone. people have told me that right around three months is when you get homesick the most, so i guess it should be getting easier at some point. i don't feel very integrated into the family here either, which doesn't really make it much easier.
at least i've got a few friends out here, but i generally only see them once a week, because i don't have time off during the week, and they live in different parts of the city.
sorry this blog is such a downer, i'll try to be more positive next time.

i'm trying to decide wether to go see the jeff koons exhibit today, or see these multimedia constellation pieces by a contemporary russian artist today. maybe even both?


Hellen Harty hat gesagt…

I love you, Larsie! I bet that's true about the three months thing. Just feel it out all you need and call me or we can Skype, etc. anytime. Xoxo.

leafless hat gesagt…

lars babe. acclimation can always be a bit painful... but you are so full of power. i have zero doubt in your abilities. i just so happen to have a little present friend to send you, that i'm pretty sure will make your teeth show.

i'll send that off real soon.

loves sent over to you... really strong loves.