Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

the last week

started off on sunday with the berlin marathon, 50.000 runners, even more people watching. it was pretty fun, and the weather was awesome.

after that we had a few lazy really rainy days, not much to tell. towards the end of the week it cleared up but got pretty cold. jesse and i had some playground fun with the kids, and went to the zoo. i finally got to see KNUT (i know at least lauren and my family know who i'm talking about here), dissappointgly he was neither very white or fluffy and was making noises like he would like nothing better than to kill all the kids watching him. don't know if i could blame him. his keeper (mr. doerflein for those who were ever into the knut-mania) had died a week before, so the whole area was covered in candles, letters, photos, and flowers.

pretty terrifying.

also, it definitely is fall.


Hellen Harty hat gesagt…

You hold leaves good. Those kids are pure cute. Love you.

leafless hat gesagt…

you are so beautiful, my stomach has birds in it. GREAT little hat cap babe. loves to you