Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

sorry no pictures, jesse has my camera.
i've heard from him a few times, he's doing well. he is in madrid with sean, apparently skateboarding a lot. i think he gets back to berlin late wednesday, so by thursday you can expect an update.
i've been doing well, not too much exciting things happening. i made a couple of new friends and we went out last night and that was really fun. the morning hangover was less fun, but i'm dealing with it.
the kids are off school the next two days so i need to think of some fun things to do with them. on tuesday it's the 12 year olds birthday and we are going to some climbing park. that should be awesome.
so that's all. more when jesse gets back.

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Hellen Harty hat gesagt…

You guys should do the laundry and select "Sambariiiino!"

Or you could make life-size cutouts of each other. Or like, do other special activities that aren't made-up and stupid as hell.

I hope Jesse is having fun skating with Spaniards.