Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2008

massive picture upload

so the internet is actually working fairly well right now, i had to use the chance to upload as many pictures as possible. hope you are not too bored.

this is jesse with his good commie friends marx and engels.

last night we met up with some friends at this british pub called white trash fast food. a swiss "brit pop/rockn roll" band was playing, it was a pretty good time. they reminded me a lot of till during his neckscarf/neckerchief phase. that was a good phase.

sadly we did not order their fish and chips, but i agree, fish should really learn to breath air, bitch.

and then we almost froze to death walking home. also some drunk guy puked all over the subway and we (along with everyone else on the train) almost died from the stench. so we came close to death twice in one night.

cool post. jesse is making fun of my blog-skills.

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