Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

so poor jesse has had some complications in holland, aka a stolen wallet.
if western union comes through he'll be able to get a train pass today and be back in berlin by tonight, we will see. i'm not sure what his plans for the next few weeks are, i guess it all depends on how quick he gets new credit cards.

i just went on a walk around the nearby lake, and then had some second breakfast (cake!) in a really cute little coffee shop/bakery. the weather is absolutely perfect, it's a bit chilly, but if you walk in the sun you don't need a jacket. it's supposed to stay like this for a few days, so i am (as is all of berlin) making the most of it, trying to spend some time outside. the leaves are starting to change, still very green but you've got a hint of yellow and red in between. My host-family is now fostering a young hedgehog, we found him in the yard a few weeks ago, and he was acting very non-hedgehog-like (by this i mean he didn't run away immediately). so we took him to the "hedgehog rescue" (yes there is such a place) and he stayed there for a few weeks till he gained enough weight. so now he's back and he lives with the rabbit and is gaining weight on his catfood and rolled oats diet. if he gains enough weight to over winter on his own we'll release him, if not he has to wait till spring. i should get some pictures of him, i'll work on that.


Hellen Harty hat gesagt…

What will you name the hedgehog. This is important. I hope Jesse is with you by now! Or, whenever tonight is for you. Kisses on the hedgehog.

Lars hat gesagt…

naming isn't so easy if there is four kids. they've had the bunny since easter and he doesn't have a name yet. as soon as one kid picks a name, the others beat him/her up. lots of love in this family.